Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sakura Scenes 2011

Perhaps because of the earthquake, the sakura cherry blossoms seem exceptionally beautiful to me this year. I mean, just look at this tree! Isn't it lovely? Aoyama Bochi cemetery was curiously devoid of revelers. There seemed to be some kind of prohibition against partying amongst the tomb stones this year. Those beery picnics always struck me as a little irreverent. I had heard that people were refraining countrywide.

But Shiba Park was definitely preparing for the onslaught of blue, plastic picnic tarps.

I love to stand under a tree in full bloom and look up at the sky.

The flowers at their peak are truly an amazing sight. All you see are those delicate blossoms -- white tinged with pink.

Each one is so exquisite.

Half the fun is watching the people.

Nice shirt.

Look what the cat brought in.

Pippi had a good time too.

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