Monday, April 4, 2011

Chicago Metalwork

Located mostly at street level, Chicago's antique metal work is both decorative and functional. It is a beautiful counterpoint to the heavy stone and brick construction favored by those builders of yore. Such flourish! Such artistry! It is the perfect complement to Hyde Park's rich architecture. When Pippi and I saw these rails and grilles, it was hard for us not to get excited! We hope you will agree.

On Kenwood Avenue.

The Fischers' house next door. We used to have the same stair rails prior to our renovation in the 1960s.

Two views of the fence at Jackman Field: up close and ...

... from afar.

Window grille at Lilly House. A little creepy but full of character.

A grand gate near Botany Pond.

Somewhere on campus.

Not bad for a modern rendition.

A church north of 53rd Street. Isn't this splendid?

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