Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is my latest mini-food find: micro tomatoes. No bigger than a blueberry, each deep red morsel is packed with intense tomato flavor. The miracles of modern science.

Abby and I spotted these little gems at Mediya super market while shopping for Sunday dinner, a recreation of the maguro poke (a cured tuna dish with southwestern flair) we learned to make during our recent trip to Arizona. I would have helped with the preparation but, in keeping with my recently publicized aversion to raw fish, I traded knives for knitting needles and left Abby to it. For cooking consultations, I remained on the premises where I sampled the delicious dressing, a coriander, scallion and lemon juice concoction pureed in the blender. A more detailed description on the poke should appear on our shared, but neglected, blog, Whip it Good: A Mother and Daughter hit the Kitchen ( We are trying to turn over a new leaf. Please egg us on by visiting the site every now and again.

Anyhow, we thought the tiny tomatoes would make a nice garnish so into the shopping cart they went. But, by the looks of the photo, I think we forgot to use them!

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  1. I love those tomatoes! And I am really happy to hear that Whip it Good will be revived. I look forward to many exciting creations!