Monday, January 10, 2011

Mediya's Mini-Sushi

The other day I went to Mediya to pick up a few groceries. At the edge of their produce section, the market always has a featured food, often a local delicacy from some other part of Japan. While I rarely bat an eye at the pickled crickets and sea urchin paste, the mini-sushi on offer this time stopped me in my tracks. They were so cute!

Before I go any further, I think this would be a good time to confess that I do not really like sushi. Borrowing from the words of my sister, I have to like the idea of what I am eating. And raw fish does not fit that criterion. Though David has given up on turning me into a maguro maven, he seems to be faring better with the girls. We do frequent a sushi bar nearby where the girls are getting increasingly daring and I am very happy with the various vegetable versions and cooked items on the menu.

But I digress. When I saw the doll-sized sushi I knew I could not leave the store without them. Instead of the variety pack, I opted for the tamagoyaki or Japanese-style omelette that suits my palette. Normally, the slabs of slightly sweetened, scrambled egg are a little longer than a business card. But these tasty tidbits were less than half the size of the industry standard. Measuring no more than three or four centimeters, they were consumed easily in a bite or two. The photo with the chopsticks gives some sense of scale. Even Pippi was riveted.

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