Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caught in the Act!

So this is how it is done. I have seen worker bees down on their hands and knees diligently scraping the chewing gum off station floors and dutifully polishing escalator handrails while commuters stream on by. But until today, I had never seen anyone clean those raised yellow lines that always seem to be under foot, especially if I am in a hurry and/or wearing heels of any sort.

Leading from platform to ticket wicket, they are intended to aid the visually impaired and remind the rest of us not to tread too close to the edge. Within the yellow strips, the dot pattern means "stop" (as in you are at the top of the stairs) and the dashes indicate "go straight."

The cleaner's dedication and perseverance were nothing short of awe-inspiring. What a contrast to the New York City Subway! I slowed for a moment to admire her handiwork but then slid back into high speed as I made my way to street level.

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