Friday, October 22, 2010

Agriculture: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Yesterday a very dear friend from neighboring Chiba Prefecture brought me the perfect omiyage: peanuts, a Chiba specialty now in season, and dill harvested from her very own garden.

Let's start with the visuals. I just love the way these two vertical elements, one yellow-ish and one green, emerge in tandem from the brown, paper bag. I also like the paper bag itself -- Freak's Store. Maybe this is where that little subway rider I blogged about a few weeks ago got his hat. Or maybe my friend reads my blog .... or maybe she liked the bag too ... or maybe it was simply at the top of the pile.

Now the contents. I have never seen peanuts packed in a cylindrical bag but this is a great look for peanuts. They ought to do this more often. Clever packaging sells more products. And the dill. How can I do it justice? Dill is my absolute, all time favorite herb. I eat it whenever and as often as possible. Just about everything savory tastes better with dill. I add it to eggs, salads, sandwiches, hummus or just eat it plain. Turns out dill contains trace amounts of plant sterols which help reduce cholesterol naturally. We will eat the sprigs and plant the roots. Hopefully, by next autumn, or sooner, we will be nibbling on dill of our own.

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