Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Tomatoes, All the Time

When I first glanced at this sign the other day in Daikanyama, it took a second or two for the partial outline of a tomato to come into focus. I quite like this graphic -- just enough information but not too much. And the rich, red is the perfect background color. The sign is announcing a tomato specialty restaurant where everything -- and I do mean everything -- contains tomatoes in some form. Since tomatoes are one of Abby's major food groups, I had to inspect more closely. Here is a quick round up of my findings:

As we chatted, the shop keeper took this platter from the cooler case below and gave me a deep purple tomato from Hokkaido to sample. Tomatoes taste much better when unrefrigerated.

Move over square watermelon and make room for this tomato gift assortment. It is so pretty -- the colors, the round form and the artful assembly -- it would almost be a shame to eat it. Probably not a problem.

Little cups containing different types of tomatoes from all over the country.

Tomato Tiramisu. I kid you not. Layers of house-made tomato jam sweeten the concoction but I have to like the idea of what I am eating. And this is a bit outside my comfort zone. Tomato Roll Cake? Let's not even go there.

A more conventional offering for home use: Beef Stew of the Tomato (for two people).

Table salt mixed with dried, pulverized tomato skin. I could not leave without buying this for the tomato lover.

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