Sunday, May 16, 2010

How's the Asparagus n o w ???

A few weeks ago, those scissors-happy hair stylists on TV Asahi Street harvested the asparagus growing in front of their shop (I blogged about it while back). That is, all but one stalk. Yesterday morning Pippi and I checked up on its progress and were quite surprised. Clearly it is not destined for the dinner table. It is so long that the resident gardener has tied it to a stake for support. And the "flower" end has gone off to do its own thing. Each little petal has now spawned a shoot of its own -- I have often wondered what would happen to an asparagus stalk left to its own devices. Now I know.

If leafy greenery is any indication, their goya bitter gourds are also flourishing and their strawberry plant is already producing fruit -- tucked between the leaves we saw a single greenish-white berry that will probably be delicious if it ever ripens. In the meantime, it seems to be content to sit there and look pretty.