Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Dog, Big Dog

A few Sundays ago the weather was gorgeous. After an all-too-long string of cold, rainy days, the sun made a welcome appearance and the mercury rose into the high 60s at least. It was, in the words of my mother, a quintessential balmy day. It was also a great day to be a dog-owner. And like-minded folk with their furry, four-legged companions were out in record numbers. Or so it seemed.

As we often do, Pippi and I set out to meet Eve on her way home from her teaching gig at the JCC. On the way there I ordered a take-away pizza with a plan of picking it up on the rebound. Wasn't that clever of me? Of equal brilliance was Eve's suggestion that we dine al fresco on our terrace. But this post isn't really about pizza ingestion.

As we began our ascent up to TV Asahi Street, we came upon a spiffy, bespectacled guy toting the accessory du jour: a chihuahua. But instead of leading his little dog on a leash, the pampered pooch was sequestered in, but poking his head out from, an over-the-shoulder carrier. Kind of like a Baby Bjorn for dogs. Maybe it was a Baby Bjorn! Now that would be taking things just a step too far.

I was eager to capture the moment but didn't have the nerve to simply point and shoot. Eve deftly took the challenge in hand and simply asked if we could take his picture. Unsurprisingly he agreed as you can see. I love the scale change between dog and owner. But I imagine the pup would have been happier strutting his or her stuff.

When we got to the top of the hill, we turned left and crossed the street. TV Asahi Street has a bona fide sidewalk which is a bit of a relief. In the distance we spotted a short couple and a large furry critter. Was it canine? Ursine? Sasquatch? We weren't really sure. But then the man picked it up and began walking down the street. Turned out to be a very large, very hairy poodle. I quickly captured this surprising trio on film. Judging from their expression, I wasn't sure how the humans felt about having their photo snapped but we did not ask. I hope we weren't witnessing a dog-napping.

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